Designing a Capture Page For Your Affiliate Business

Marketing skills play an important role when it comes to the success of any affiliate business. If nobody sees what you are promoting, it is impossible to make any sales since your commissions come from the online consumers that shell out their money in exchange for products and services. But even if you are gaining momentum with the marketing, sales are less likely to be made if the people that you are bringing do not like what they see on your affiliate page.

This is where the design of the capture page is most important. You need to make your capture page look captivating and encourage your visitors to proceed and purchase the products and services presented. These techniques will help you bring life to your capture page.

Go Easy on the Stock Photos

Many of the Internet opportunities and affiliate sites try to win people by planting lots of stock photos that are related to business, technology, and success. Too much of these images can confuse people and miss the point of your site. Keep the number of stock photos minimum and try to get these photos in professional sites like Gettyimages or Corbis.

Bring more Focus to your Opt-in Form or Affiliate Link

Remember that your capture page will be cluttered with information that explains the products and services in the form of text and graphics. These details should appear first as they serve as a brief introduction. After the introduction should follow a recognizable opt-in form or button to that leads to the affiliate site. The more recognizable it is, the more likely visitors will try to fill it up or head to the affiliate site as soon as possible. At the same time, you need to make sure that the form doesn’t encourage people to skip the important details of the program.

Use a Color Scheme Similar to the Logo of your Affiliate

Try to observe the logo of your affiliate and take a good look at their website to see what blends well with the logo. You can even go as far as learning additional information about the affiliate so that you can figure out what colors best represent the affiliate. If you don’t have an idea on how to go about this, you can always use colors that best relate to the theme. Using minimal color schemes and gradients are encouraged to make the capture page simple yet pleasing to the eye.

Include a Multimedia Element

Simple sites are complemented rather well with multimedia elements such as video files or audio files. An audio file can give a brief introduction to the program which can further convince people to join. They are small files and are usually quick to load even in slow connections. Video files are better because they add visual cues to the audio and can still load fast if good video compression is achieved. The easiest way to implement a video is to upload it to sites like YouTube and copy the embed code.

Simple websites load quickly and the added elements prevent the capture page from becoming too boring. Using a good color scheme is a plus as many capture pages do not observe this. Evaluate your site, make any changes, and then go full time with your marketing so that you can finally earn some sales.